Aluminum is the most abundant of the metals. Aluminum is non-magnetic, non-sparking, white in color and light in weight. Aluminum is used in the manufacturing of transportation equipment, building products and food and beverage packaging.

Aluminum that is almost pure. It is normally in the form of wire but can be in sheets or plate. This material is used in transportation, irregation & structural applications. Truck wheels are made out of 6061 alloy aluminum.
Typically found in window framing, door enclosures, thresholds and heat sinks. Bare marerial is valued more than painted. 7075 is mainly used in aerospace applications, most airplane frames are made of this alloy because it has a high tolerance to bend without cracking. This material has no coating and is a mix of several low copper aluminum alloys.
This material is used for housing exteriors, gutters, down spouts, trailer siding, ect. Material must be free of iron and other contaminants. Cast aluminum is found in auto parts, gas grills, ornimental items. etc. Should be free of excessive iron. Litho plates are used in printing.
Automobile wheels should have the valve stem and wheel weight removed to be considered clean. Auto wheels with iron press fitted into the stud pattern Auto wheels that have been dipped in chrome.
Al/CU radiators are used in cooling and air conditioning equipment. These items are clean, meaning they have no iron ends. Same as AL/CU radiators but they have iron ends. Radiators that are all aluminum and free of iron. Typicaly found in automible cooling systems.
Used in electric distribution. BX is aluminum wrapped around 70% #1 copper wire. This is normally used in building applications. This is the slag from the process of adhering aluminum to plastic for packaging. Ever wondered why the inside of a potato chip bag is shiny? now you know! This is aluminum extrusion with a plastic strip in the middle. It is mostly used in door frames and windows to help with contraction and expansion of the joints. Cast aluminum with iron attachments. This is considered a down grade from clean cast.
Scraps of aluminum that has been turned, drilled or lathed. Examples include pie plates, cooking pans, and industrial aluminum foil. This is the wire you see running from one power poll to another. It has a copper coated aluminum conductor in the middle, followed by foam, followed by and aluminum outer shell.
It could also have black insulation on it. Then it would be called insulated CATV.
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