Copper is one of the most important metallic elements. Next to Silver, Copper is the best conductor of electricity. Copper is non-magnetic, non-sparking, and red in color. Copper is used in the manufacturing of electrical wire, transformers, electric motors, water pipe/tubing, roofing and switchgears.

bare bright is a thick copper wire which has had its insulation stripped off.

#1 pipe and tubing is a tube of copper with no impurities such as paint or solder.

#1 copper wire is bare bright with the insulation burnt off

Sheet copper is as its name states a sheet of copper. Some uses are roofing, kick panels for doors, backsplash behind ovens or stoves.
#1 MCM is bare bright with the insulation still on. Typical recovery is 85% or higher. High voltage power cable used inside buildings. This has a thick conductor of copper inside, followed by thick insulation, followed by a thin copper sheath, then the outer coating of insulation. This recovers 60% copper
#1 insulated wire is building wire, control cable, etc. When the insulation is removed the copper must be bare and uncoated. The typical recovery is 70% copper. #2 MCM is the same as #1 MCM except the copper is tin coated. #2 tube and pipe is like #1 tube and pipe. The exception is #2 can have soldered joints and paint.
#2 insulated is communications cable, lamp cord, wiring harnesses, ect. The conductor can be bare or coated. Typical recovery is 50%. Insulated wire consisting of computer cables, power cords with the ends on, etc…this wire recovers 30% copper on average Just as the name states. These are used Christmas lights. They typically recover less than 30%
Bare Heliax has no outer coating. Outer shell of copper, followed by a thick ring of foam and another thin layer of copper in the center. Coated Heliax has an outer coating, then a thin layer of copper, followed by a thick ring of foam and another thin layer of copper in the center. Copper bearing is copper/aluminum and other radiator ends. Other items include motor stators & other products where the copper content is 30% or greater.
Pictured is #1 bus bar along with other pieces of #1 copper Bus Bar that has a tin coating. Bus Bar is a thick strip of copper normaly found in substatins and switch gears. This is bought as #2 Copper. #2 tubing that has insulation on it. Recovers 80%
Cell #19 Cell #20 Cell #21

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